SEW for IT! is a Dealer of Excellence for HUSQVARNA VIKING® sewing machines, Huskylock sergers, and PREMIER+™ Embroidery software.  We at SEW for IT! provide sales, service, classes and ongoing support to our customers.

Our HUSQVARNA VIKING® Certified Repair Technician has been trained by Swedish, American, and Canadian service and repair experts, and factory personnel.   Ed has been servicing sewing machines and sergers on-site since 1995, has had electronics experience since 1967, and computer experience since 1969, providing quality, on-site repair services to all levels of HUSQVARNA VIKING®, Huskystar, Huskylock, and WHITE products.

To ensure the highest possible quality, all machines sold by SEW for IT! are inspected and tested prior to being sold.  Plus, any new machine purchased from SEW for IT! includes; 1-on-1 owners class.  We want you to know how to use your machine before you take it home.  Ask about our support program, available on most of our sewing machines.

Clicking on a machine image below will open a new window offering more detailed information.  If you would like other information call us, or better still, come in for a visit.  You can also "test drive" before you decide.

Below are listed the various machines available in the following topics: Sew and EmbroiderSew, Quilt, Clothing, DecorMid and Long Arm QuiltingSergers.


Sew and Embroider


Epic 2  DESIGNER EPIC™ 2 - continues to evolve with innovation and world-class features. Now with Integrated Dual Feed, Adjustable laser sewing guidance, Design Placement with the mySewMonitor™ App, and more.

With the deLuxe™ Stitch System, Thread Portioning feeds the optimum amount of thread for each stitch, and is perfect for metallic and other specialty threads, especially on embroidery.

The included wifi access allows designs to be stored on the free mySewnet cloud account, and allows easy access to embroideries from multiple devices.

Some other features: 310 mm (12.2") space to right of needle, 140mm (5.5") height above free arm; includes a 360 x 260mm (14" x 10")  embroidery field & will accommodate the optional DESIGNER™ Majestic Hoop (360 x 350mm); 30% larger bobbins for more sewing between bobbin changes - compared to DESIGNER BRILLIANCE ™ 80.


Designer Brilliance 80

Sew a new story with the DESIGNER BRILLIANCE™ 80 Sewing and Embroidery machine. Delightfully intuitive and uniquely capable, this machine was especially designed for the imaginative sewer with big and bright ideas.

With the deLuxe™ Stitch System, Thread Portioning feeds the optimum amount of thread for each stitch, and is perfect for metallic and other specialty threads, especially on embroidery.

The included wifi access allows designs to be stored on the free mySewnet cloud account, and allows easy access to embroideries from multiple devices.

Bright LED lighting designed to give even light across the entire work area which is almost 10" (250mm) to the right of the needle.

Over 550 stitches, up to 54mm wide, in 19 categories for easy selection, including exclusive patented stitch techniques.
The embroidery field is 360x200mm, but can accommodate designs up to 360x350mm without re-hooping using the optional DESIGNER™ Majestic Hoop.


Topaz 50

DESIGNER TOPAZ 50 -  250mm (almost 10")  space to the right of the needle.

It’s magical the way sewing plus embroidery turns something ordinary into something extraordinary.  With the DESIGNER TOPAZ™ 50 sewing and embroidery machine you also get the advantage of built-in assistance and time-savers to help you bring your ideas to life.  Embroider designs up to 360x200mm (14"x8").  Expect fabulous sewing and remarkable embroidery!


Jade 35


The DESIGNER JADE™ 35 sewing and embroidery machine features unique and smart design aesthetics.
240x150mm embroidery area, 200mm sewing space to right of needle, 70 embroidery designs, Embroidery Intro PC Software included, 120 beautiful stitches up to 7mm wide, needle threader, automatic thread tension and cutter.


Sew, Quilt, Clothing, Decor


Epic 980Q

EPIC™ 980Q

The EPIC™ 980Q with the large opening and bright lights is our top-of-the-line sewing machine without embroidery. 

With the EPIC™ 980Q, you’ll discover intuitive, leading-edge features created to help you get from “idea to done” in less time than ever before. The lightest and largest computerized sewing machine available to sewers today, this sleek and integrated sewing machine includes everything that our previous models have to offer, then takes your sewing experience to an entirely new level. You can enhance your creative capabilities, and bring any of your ideas to life – with any fabric.


Brilliance 75Q


Bring your dreams to life with the HUSQVARNA VIKING® BRILLIANCE™ 75Q sewing machine. Sewists everywhere recognize the value of true quality and the beauty of reaching for bigger and better things. It’s up to you – your future remains to be sewn!

Brilliance has added 4-way and 8-way stitches, plus bright LED lighting.


Sapphire 930


The advanced SAPPHIRE™ 930 sewing  machine, offers many features to assist and guide you throughout your sewing.  A large sewing space ( 250mm (almost 10") to the right of the needle), allows you to manage really large projects, and threads are cut by the touch of a button, with the project still in the machine.  The EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM™ technology is great for turning corners on techniques like applique.  Also, most settings are made by the machine itself based on what fabric or stitch is selected.  All you have to do is focus on what you love!  Sewing!


Opal 690Q

OPAL™ 690Q

Our OPAL™ 690Q computerized sewing machine is extra-efficient with loads of built-in assistance to change the way you sew for the better!  The unique EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM™ technology is great for turning corners on applique techniques.

The Automatic Thread Cutter is a true time-saver.  It cuts the top and bobbin thread automatically.
The Electronic Self-Adjusting Thread Tension sets the best tension automatically for all your sewing techniques and fabrics.

All Opal machines have an 8" opening to the right of the needle.


Opal 670

OPAL™ 670

If you are sewing on a mechanical machine or an older computerized model, you are missing out on the benefits of modern technology.  The OPAL™ 670 includes: Automatic Thread Cutter, a true time-saver; Electronic Self-Adjusting Thread Tension which sets the best tension automatically.


Opal 650

OPAL™ 650

Let your OPAL™ 650 sewing machine focus on delivering the best results while you relax and focus on the joy of sewing!

Features include 7mm stitch width, 160 stitches, as well as lettering stitches.


Emerald 118


The EMERALD™ 118 is a machine ideal for all types of sewing; from a beautiful, one-of-a kind dress to curtains that duplicate those seen in a magazine.

The EMERALD™ 118 sewing machine, has many practical features you will love; like the built-in needle threader, needle stop up/down, speed limiter, a hard cover for storage and an effortless one-step buttonhole.


Emerald 116


The EMERALD™ 116 is a reliable, smooth running, non-computerized machine. It includes 16 stitches (60 stitch functions), needle threader, plus 1, one-step buttonhole.


H Class E20


The H|CLASS™ E20 sewing machine has easy to use features such as one-step buttonhole and simple threading, needle threader, plus extra accessories, mean sewers have what they need to get started.

32 stitches, including utility, decorative, and stretch stitches.  Stitch length can be adjusted between 0 and 4 mm and stitch width up to 5 mm.


H Class E10


The H|CLASS™ E10 sewing machine comes with a variety of features and accessories to get you started, including needle threader.  The stitch selection ensures you’ll be able to express your creativity whether it’s creating clothes, home decor, or gifts for friends and family.

21 stitches, including utility stitches, decorative stitches, stretch stitches and a 4-step buttonhole.  Stitch length adjustable between 0 and 4 mm.




Platinum 16PLATINUM 16
Love to free-motion quilt but struggle to fit your project in a small space?  You’re going to love the HUSQVARNA VIKING® PLATINUM™ 16 quilting machine with 16” of throat space and 8” of vertical space.

The TruStitch™ stitch regulator is designed to turn the PLATINUM™ 16 machine into a stitch-regulated quilting machine. It uses patent-pending technology to track sewing motion and regulate the stitch length as the fabric is moved around the included, 30" x 36" table with adjustable height.



The PLATINUM™ Q165 long arm quilting machine includes the adjustable height, 5 foot wide frame and smooth glide track system.  Get a superior view of your quilt with a light ring around the needle and a 30 LED light strip that can be placed in the C space. Switch from manual mode, up to 1,800 stitches per minute, or to one of two regulated speeds.  Throat space is 16" (40.6cm) with 8” (20.3cm) vertical space.




H Class 250

The H|CLASS™ 250S overlock machine by HUSQVARNA VIKING®. Impressive speed. Intuitive threading.  Incredible results.

A 2-3-4 thread serger that is easy to thread.  The front of machine moves completely out of the way to make loopers fully accessible.  Switch to and from rolled hem without touching the tension dials.  The pop-up thread cutter, conveniently located in needle plate, works like a pair of retractable scissors.  A very popular serger.


Amber Air S 400

AMBER™ Air S | 400

Now the freedom of the air threading system on the HUSQVARNA® VIKING® AMBER™ Air S | 400 overlock machine.  The first HUSQVARNA® VIKING® serger with air threading.

Top features: Air Threading Loopers, Built-In Needle Threader, 15 Stitches, Differential Feed, LED Lighting.